2102 is a scale model of a future dystopia set on the site of Bellahouston Park, Glasgow. 82 years previous to '2102's making (2020), Bellahouston Park hosted the 1938 Empire Exhibition, which saw hundreds of temporary buildings erected to show off the many facets of Britain's corrupt colonial empire.
2102 is set 82 years on from 2020, and shows the demise of Bellahouston Park. The M8 motorway has been diverted across the parks basin, a bleak tower block looms over all, and the resulting pollution from this has left the surrounding area desolate and dying. What will be of Bellahouston Park 82 years on in 2184? Who knows. 
4m x 2m x 3m, 1:24 scale
Installation made from earth, rubble, sticks, glass wax, cast metal motorways, paper trays, toy cars, Toy Mobil characters.